SCorCh, Part Two

This is an old post from an old blog; assets may be missing, links may be broken, and my opinions may differ considerably by this point… Notably, this became FENipulator.

Development two is more or less just a vague thought. Since the main goal here is correspondence chess, and nothing terribly intensive, efficiency probably isn't the highest priority. Some sense of modularity could be achieved, at the expense of efficiency, by writing the FEN handler in C (or whatever) and leaving the rest of the task to builtins and shell scripting. So, our FEN tool would only really need to be capable of a few things - parsing FEN, turning FEN into a human-readable representation of a board, parsing movetext in algebraic notation, and applying said movetext to FEN.

The FEN tool could then be useful for other things as well:

…and the shell script would just handle the input, watching files, output side of things. This modularity would pave the way for a shell script to handle visually traversing PGN as well. This is all still a bit of a pipe dream, but at least I'm dreaming it out ahead of time…