Hi, I’m Bri. Like the cheese. Brian. Like the Life Of. B. Like the buzz-buzz-sting. Something like that. brhfl on Twitter and elsewhere, find me! I’m kind of a half-baked nerd who likes to tear apart electronics, break computers from a Linux CLI, and do pointless math on RPN calculators. Professionally, I do HTML/CSS work with the occasional dabble into JS and jQuery, and a whole lot of §508 compliance on PDFs. I’ve done my fair share of graphic design and illustration work, including a short-lived (though incredibly fun) editorial comic stint. Personally, I’m interested and fully invested in the above useless nerdisms, gender identity and cultural studies, and delicious booze. I’m also an avid photographer and passionate writer. Does any of this mean anything? Oh, probably not. But it’s context for my content. Presumably, this ties it all together. That’s what an about page is for, right? And, I suppose, a…


I started blogging on kukkaisvoima, a Python-based engine that I hacked heavily and then grew bored of heavily hacking. Then I had this overly-complex WordPress install, and let me just say… if you don’t need WordPress, don’t do WordPress. Constant maintenance to avoid hacks, heavy everything, I was constantly patching the code to get it to do what I wanted… and I was just writing in vim and uploading from a plugin anyway. Static is where its at unless you really, truly outgrow it. This blog is generated using hugo. Hugo is written in go, it’s light, it’s pleasant. Markdown in, all of this out. Theme is custom, I will likely license it under an open license once I clean it up. Fonts are Gentium Basic for all body text excepting code blocks which are rendered in Hack. Flower glyphs in HR and UL elements as well as external links are my own illustrations, served up as a font; not an ideal method, but for now it seems like the best. This page was typed on an Alphasmart Neo 2, and many posts were as well. The remaining posts, and any formatting touchups, have been done in vim. Possibly Elvis. Never Emacs, never nano. Uploads courtesy of unison, rsync, and lftp. I use for hosting, they are wonderful. My primary computer is a Mac Pro; my secondary is a Lenovo X220. Not sure what else to colophonize, so until next time… <3