Quarantine food: 7DAYS Croissants

Early on in isolation times, I figured out that 7DAYS Croissants were readily available, delivered quickly, and infinitely comforting. I have since tried all six flavors, and in between writing far more meaningful thing, I feel like I should rank them. This isn’t a sponsored post, I’m just bored and hungry.

Least satisfying: Dulce de Leche (Caramel)

I had extremely high hopes for this one, being a huge fan of pretty much anything caramel. Unfortunately, I didn’t get much caramel out of the experience, just a cloying something. These don’t come in the variety packs, which meant that I bought twelve of them on their own. They’re not bad, and I’ll certainly eat them all, but they are quite disappointing. Not really recommended for caramel lovers.

Not up to its bakery counterpart: Chocolate

This one has an unfair disadvantage right off the bat: chocolate croissants are already a bakery staple. The 7DAYS chocolate croissant is nothing like its corner store sibling, which wouldn’t necessarily be bad, but in this case… is. The chocolate reminds me way too much of Jell-O chocolate pudding (from a box, not pre-made). I think these would be improved by making the chocolate creme a bit thicker and with a higher cacao level. Again, not bad, but certainly not my favorite.

Plain Jane: Vanilla

The first 7DAYS croissant I ever had, and a go-to whenever they would pop up at the nearby pharmacy (which only stocked chocolate and vanilla). It’s tasty! Not too sweet, not too… anything, really. It’s a basic creamy treat and that’s fine. I would have been satisfied eating only these, had I not discovered the magical combination-flavor varieties.

Not a Reese’s Cup: Peanut butter crème and chocolate

This one’s pretty good! Unfortunately, this world already has a difficult-to-dethrone leader of the peanut butter/chocolate realm, and that is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. And with that perfect ratio and special sort of dry peanut butter as a de facto standard, it’s hard to make a more… realistic? blend of these ingredients stack up. But this one is very enjoyable, much more so than regular chocolate. I assume they’re the same chocolate filling, but I think alongside the thick, savory peanut butter, this chocolate just seems more luxe. Tried and true combination, well executed.

Unexpected joy: Strawberry-vanilla

I don’t typically love fruity pastries, so I expected this to be toward the bottom. I was shocked by how much I enjoyed it. The strawberry isn’t overly sweet, and it balances well with the vanilla creme. I’m sure there’s plenty of artificial goings-on, but the strawberry actually resembles strawberry jelly very closely. It’s a delight!

Fancy Uncrustable: Peanut butter crème and jelly

I expected to like this one, but didn’t think it’d take the top slot. It’s really good, though! PB&J is time-tested, and the fact that this leans more toward the savory/sandwichy side of things kind of makes it a different sort of product than the rest. It really does remind me of an Uncrustable, just… slightly posh (and way more delicious).