I had a plan to submit something into the 200 Word RPG Challenge this year. I wrote a thing, meant to polish it up a bit, didn’t, figured I’d just submit it anyway, and forgot. I don’t think the thing is particularly good, and given that my first task was to bind myself to a word limit, it is not particularly well-written either. And, maybe I’ll edit it so it reads like a human wrote it at some point, or maybe I’ll build it into something bigger and with more purpose. But unless/until that happens: here are 195 words describing a little roleplaying concept about the objects around you. Do with it what you will.

Objects is a light filler game (aim for 45-60 min) for 1 GM and at least 2 players about examining your surroundings with a macro lens and bringing life to the inanimate. Each player should look around the room and choose an object to roleplay. They inform the GM, but not one another. They should briefly consult with the GM what free actions are available to them – a soda bottle can likely roll freely, but bouncing to a height will be a challenge. The GM announces their goal: a rendezvous point, and potentially another object from the room that must be brought to said point. Challenge actions are resolved via 1d4, with the GM deciding whether success is a 2+, 3+, or 4 depending on difficulty. Failures should still move the player(s) forward, just not quite as they’d hoped. When player characters manage to run into each other, those players can reveal to one another what they are, and they can work together. Aside from the basic challenges of movement, finding one another, and rendezvousing, the GM should bring other objects in the room to life as challenges (the ottoman is trapped!) and NPCs.