Post updates

I’ve realized that a few of the things I’ve written over the past year may have contained a nugget or two of information that was either ill-informed, or otherwise deserving of an update. For starters, in the posts Darwin image conversion via sips and Semaphore and sips redux, I talk about using Darwin’s sips command to convert a TIFF to PNG before running it through optipng. While this is a fine exercise, I have since come to learn that optipng will handle uncompressed TIFFs just fine, converting them to PNG and optimizing accordingly. sips is unnecessary, so long as I’m willing to temporarily use up the SSD space for uncompressed TIFFs.

Before those posts was Of lynx and curl, describing a few uses of those tools in tandem. Toward the end I mention going through a list of URLs, and writing out a CSV by using printf to output the URL before using curl to fetch the status code. For some reason, I had long overlooked that curl has a variable for the current URL as well, so the printf step is largely unnecessary. Going through a list of links to output a CSV of the form URL,Status Code can be achieved as for i in $(< links.txt); curl -o /dev/null --location --silent --head --write-out '%{url_effective},%{http_code}\n' "$i" >> status.csv (given that links.txt is a line-by-line list of URLs to check).

In other news, the first post I made on this version of this blog was the meta post, Licensing – dated 2016-07-30. So I’ve stuck with this thing for a year now, 75 posts, so far so good. I did recently upgrade from Hugo 0.16 to 0.24.1, which I have a post-in-progress about but all in all the upgrade went shockingly smooth. I definitely have no regrets about the move to a static site generator, and I would whole-heartedly recommend Hugo for anyone whose needs it meets. I have made a few other minor changes, like setting my Inline audio player to not autoload, and customizing the selection highlight color, but nothing major since my last round of Template updates. Next up is hopefully building a better archive page using new Hugo features, having Hugo generate the CSS files, and possibly a JSON feed.