1. 2018-02

    1. 08, Dotfile highlights: .vimrc: Some of the (hopefully) more interesting aspects of my `.vimrc` dotfile.
    2. 02, Personal Log: On reducing the friction of keeping a personal log in vim.
  2. 2018-01

    1. 26, The death of Miitomo: Mourning the loss of a very important virtual dollhouse.
    2. 20, Firefox mobile: On the mobile version of Firefox, and how it compares to Chrome.
    3. 18, Boing Boing is being sued over a hyperlink (external): In which a frivolous lawsuit is brought against the parent company of Boing Boing.
    4. 06, Interpreting 69lang (a ;# dialect) in dc: On transliterating a pointless language in order to build a pointless interpreter in `dc`.
  3. 2017-12

    1. 28, "You're scaring us" (external)
    2. 26, As Queen, I keep dying: On _Reigns: Her Majesty_, an absolutely brilliant sequel.
    3. 08, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp: My mixed bag of thoughts on _Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp_.
    4. 06, Firefox Quantum: On a long-time-coming version of Firefox that isn't pure misery.
    5. 05, SVG d6: On using classes to hide/show pips of a six-sided die in an SVG.
  4. 2017-11

    1. 25, Antiquine: Notes on a weird quine-like programming challenge.
    2. 18, Firefox fixes (et cetera): In which I discuss a handful of frustrating touch-ups to to accommodate both Firefox and, weirdly, iOS.
    3. 13, QR codes from box-drawing characters: In which I waste a wee bit of time demonstrating that box-drawing characters can be used to render QR codes.
    4. 08, A billion points: an SVG bomb: On overloading web browsers with a ~2kB SVG file.
    5. 05, The internet sucks (external): The internet is a cesspool and we are all suffering for it.
  5. 2017-10

    1. 20, SVGs: On preparing SVGs for this here website.
    2. 17, Aztec diamonds: Shifted like tangrams: On having puzzled my way to the solution to the Aztec diamond problem.
    3. 16, Aztec diamonds: Testing the reversed Aztec numbers: In which I confirm the first 50 billion or so numbers from A046092 can be reversed to reveal the dimensions of the square they would grid.
    4. 12, Aztec diamonds: How I came to learn of them: Of grids and Aztec diamonds
    5. 07, Golfing in Eukleides
    6. 05, Fight our administration's hate, now. (external)
  6. 2017-09

    1. 15, Tetris has been implemented in Conway's Game of Life (external)
    2. 11, Sinclair Scientific Programmable: On a quirky old 'programmable' calculator.
  7. 2017-08

    1. 24, Thoughts on pink pencils: In which I briefly review (or something) six pink mechanical pencils.
    2. 17, Bubble sort in dc: On writing a bubble sorter in dc
    3. 08, Sieve of Eratosthenes
    4. 03, Post updates: A few notes on some older posts, as well as general blog musings
  8. 2017-07

    1. 29, Eukleides: On Eukleides, a geometric drawing language and interpreter
    2. 26, A call to donate to Lambda Legal (external): In which I beg people to donate to NPOs fighting for queer folks (again)
    3. 24, Nth-order Fibonacci sequence in dc: On calculating arbitrary-order Fibonacci sequences in dc
    4. 22, Bitcoin Explained (with Emoji) (external)
    5. 19, Nearest Fibonacci number in dc
    6. 17, Scaling visualized data using common multiples: On a scaling problem in visualized information.
    7. 10, Anchors, away!: On 'anchor' as legacy web terminology.
    8. 09, How not to write about trans folks: In which I get too depressed over a poorly written article about Wendy Carlos
    9. 02, The Classic Sound of the Moog Ladder Filter (external): Linky-link to a wonderful little tribute to the Moog ladder filter.
  9. 2017-06

    1. 28, Field recording with the Tascam GT-R1: On using a handheld guitar recorder with contact microphones.
    2. 22, Inline audio player: On my little inline audio player for posts.
    3. 21, Compromised: On having my money snatched from me.
    4. 16, Americium-241 as a hardware random number generator (external)
    5. 06, Brief thoughts on the iMac Pro: Mulling over the octodecacore iMac.
    6. 01, Discoveries: On what we've discovered.
  10. 2017-05

    1. 12, A chessboard for pebbling: A little playable version of a math puzzle spotted on Numberphile.
    2. 12, Speech synthesis: On the increasing unnecessary use of flawed speech synthesizers.
    3. 10, Arbitrary precision: On always forgetting about arbitrary precision in dc.
  11. 2017-04

    1. 23, Separating cd and pushd: On the differences between cd and pushd, and the follies of conflating the two.
    2. 20, Tagging in Acrobat from the keyboard: Tips for navigating the seemingly innavigable tags panel in Acrobat.
    3. 18, Extracting JPEGs from PDFs: On extracting JPEGs from PDFs on the command line
    4. 11, Fireworks, and its bloated PNGs: On why one should be very, very careful exporting PNGs from Fireworks.
    5. 10, Binaries and hex editors: On what possible reason hex editors have for existing.
    6. 10, Playlist for a new turntable: Ten tracks to christen a new turntable
    7. 07, Breaking Binaries (external): Great article on intersectionality in classical composition competitions, essentially.
    8. 05, Template updates: Just a few notes on some template polish.
    9. 04, Semaphore and sips redux: On chained commands in parallel/semaphore.
    10. 02, Darwin image conversion via sips: On a Darwin-specific image conversion binary.
  12. 2017-03

    1. 29, Of lynx and curl: On using lynx and curl in tandem to pull lists of links.
    2. 10, Game-in-a-post: Rolling Market: A playable version of my solo dice game, 'Rolling Market'.
    3. 07, Rolling Market introduction & rules: Rules to a little solo dice game I've been working on for a while.
  13. 2017-02

    1. 26, Lenovo Yoga Book: On a weird laptoppish, tabletish, non-keyboardish device.
    2. 21, Game-in-a-post: Sid Sackson's Solitaire dice: A quick little in-post implementation of a great solo dice game.
    3. 09, Solo play: One Deck Dungeon: On One Deck Dungeon, a fantastic dungeon-crawl card/dice game for one or two.
    4. 07, Solo play: Deep Space D-6: On Deep Space D-6, an anxiety-inducing worker placement game for one
    5. 07, Solo play: Friday: On Friday, a solo card game about saving Robinson Crusoe.
    6. 02, Solo play: Onirim: On Onirim, a wonderful solitaire... dream-crawler?
  14. 2017-01

    1. 30, Solo play: Intro and Dungeon Roll: The first in a series of brief write-ups re: solo board and card games.
    2. 12, Brains: Japanese Garden: Quick thoughts on a Reiner Knizia puzzle
    3. 10, This is not crazy: On the casual deprecating usage of language describing mental illness.
    4. 05, Position Descriptions: On incomprehensible technical job descriptions.
    5. 03, The Lazy He: On condescending justifications for maleness as a default.
  15. 2016-12

    1. 26, Yamzod: On a new dice-chucking concept
    2. 16, Super Mario Run: Initial musings on Mario's first mobile foray
    3. 02, Karuba: Solo: On variant rules for solo Karuba play
  16. 2016-11

    1. 24, Karuba: On the potential for correspondence play of the game Karuba.
    2. 15, Many organizations need support now; Trans Lifeline is one (external): Just my suggestion out of a thousand of suggestions of organizations that need donations right now.
    3. 03, Automatic excitement: video as default: On video as a default medium, and the death of Vine
  17. 2016-10

    1. 27, Musical numbers (external): The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences creates music from... well... integer sequences!
    2. 26, No escape: On the MacBook Pro's missing escape key, and what 'pro' means.
    3. 21, Game-in-a-post: Dim Corridor: A puzzling little diversion, playable in the post.
    4. 20, "Everything we assumed about how people use the dictionary was wrong." (external): A Merriam-Webster lexicographer discusses the dictionary's Twitter presence
    5. 11, Pizza dreams: In which I discuss dreaming about pizza repeatedly.
    6. 11, Making multiple directories with mkdir -p: Quick little tip for creating a handful of directories all at once
    7. 03, Game-in-a-post: Yz (or, on post-specific JS/CSS requirements in Hugo): A single hand of a five-die diversion.
    8. 01, Finding the greatest Yahtzee score: On calculating the best Yahtzee score, given a roll.
  18. 2016-09

    1. 29, Fractran (external): Great article on coding in a bizarre language built of fractions.
    2. 20, wo: 9-byte modulo: On small word sizes vs. full instruction sets.
    3. 14, Telephoto: On what makes a telephoto lens a telephoto lens.
    4. 13, wo: Registers: Initial thoughts on registers in wo.
    5. 10, Swiftpoint GT: On a peripheral I wanted to love.
    6. 08, Pi from pi (external): In which Rhett Allain uses the (seeming) randomness of pi to approximate pi.
    7. 06, wo: Stacks: Thoughts on stacks in wo, and what to do with them
    8. 05, wo: Implementing the interpreter: Thoughts about how to make a wo interpreter work.
  19. 2016-08

    1. 31, wo: A truth machine in wo3: On wo instructions 2 & 3, and a single-byte implementation of a truth machine.
    2. 30, wo: Numbers: On numbers in wo, big and small.
    3. 29, wo: Word size: On adjusting word size in a wo program.
    4. 26, wo: Introduction: Introducing 'wo', an as-of-yet theoretical code golf language utilizing variable word sizes
    5. 25, Your Brand New Linux Install (A letter to my future self): A letter to my future self who is about to begin a minimal Ubuntu install
    6. 22, Of mice and meh: On my struggle to find the perfect mouse.
    7. 13, Alphasmart Neo2: On a keyboard with a screen, and not much else.
    8. 10, Collatz sequences in dc: Rendering out a fun mathematical phenomenon in dc.
    9. 09, dc as a code golf language: In which I question the viability of dc for code golf by golfing '99 Bottles of Beer'
    10. 07, A night of Pokémon Go: Reflections on a night of catching Pokémon
  20. 2016-07

    1. 30, Licensing: On the liberal licensing of this site's content.
  21. 2012-01

    1. 25, dc: A primer on dc, the POSIX arbitrary-precision calculator
  22. 2010-08

    1. 07, dvtm and the mouse: On buggy mouse behavior in dvtm.
  23. 2010-07

    1. 24, SCorCh, Part Two: Continued thoughts on Simple Correspondence Chess
    2. 20, SCorCh - Simple Correspondence Chess: On 'Simple Correspondence Chess', a conceptual experiment
  24. 2010-06

    1. 19, Smartenter: On smartenter and fish
    2. 13, Job Control: On job control in fish (the friendly interactive shell)
    3. 12, Multitasking vs. Simultasking: On a couple of imagined multitasking paradigms
  25. 2010-05

    1. 12, ep: On using eLinks as a pager
    2. 06, dc Syntax for Vim: On writing a vim syntax file for a rather ugly language.
  26. 2010-02

    1. 10, On multitasking: On multitasking
  27. 2009-11

    1. 09, Back to my MacVim: On MacVim, which I have largely outgrown since 2009